Narberth Artist Uses Snow to Carve Out Magic


While some artists use wood, marble, or bronze to create sculptures, Emily Stewart, of Narberth, uses snow to carve out magical creatures, writes Ashley Johnson for 6abc.

Stewart, who is a professional illustrator and sculptor, has created an entire winter wonderland in her back yard and her neighbors are happy to be able to enjoy the view.

“I love being out here, and it sort of has – no pun intended – it’s kind of snowballed into kind of a spontaneous little creation to some things little larger in scale,” said the Main Line artist.

The icy animal kingdom currently on display in her yard includes a bear, coyote, deer, and a rabbit.

It takes the artist between six and eight hours to create a sculpture. Her technique has improved thanks to helpful advice from her artist friends in Canada.

“The best part is it’s not a business,” said Stewart. “I so enjoy using free material.”

Images via 6abc.

She also enjoys that her works are creating a talking point in a community which is really close-knit. Especially during a pandemic, it is a great way to connect with neighbors, she said.

Read more about Emily Stewart at 6abc.

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