Montgomery County a Top Performer on Statewide Assessment of Incoming Investment Data

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SmartAsset's statewide assessment of investment income was used to determine Montgomery County's economic performance.

A SmartAsset analysis has identified the regions across the U.S. leading the way in incoming investment. The data was filtered to the state level, indicating Montgomery County’s performance in relation to other Pa regions.

The income investment study measured:

  • Business establishment growth
  • Gross domestic product (GDP) growth
  • New building permits

The first filter was designed to show local appetite for starting new business ventures.

The GDP analysis looked at the value of the goods and services that communities produce (adjusted for inflation) and what that activity indicates in terms of economic health.

The third metric calculated the number of new building permits per 1,000 homes to gauge the status of the local real estate market.

Every county was then scored, ranked, and indexed; the latter calculation assigned a 100-point value to the county with the most incoming investment and a 0-point value to the one with the least.

Montgomery County’s results were:

  • Statewide rank: 5
  • Business growth: 0.3 percent
  • GDP (in millions): $19,375
  • New building permits per 1,000 homes: 4.0
  • Income investment index: 30.92

Comparatively, Philadelphia County topped the statewide list at No. 1; Chester County received a Pa. ranking of No. 3; Bucks County landed at No. 7; Delaware County’s performance earned it the No. 20 slot.

The complete incoming investment analysis is at SmartAsset.

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