Record Gas Prices Leave Montgomery County Drivers Trimming Budgets Elsewhere

Image via iStock.

Road travel in Montgomery County, having been squelched for months by the pandemic, was just on the verge of returning to normal when national and global factors played havoc with the price of crude oil. Residents, freer to roam, found themselves just as stuck, curtailed by the record gas prices that resulted.

Despite the economics, however, some locals are managing to get out and about, trimming costs elsewhere, according to a AAA Mid-Atlantic poll.

The survey analysis points to three main ways Pa. drivers are changing economic habits in response to the record gas prices.

  1. Almost 65 percent of drivers statewide have adjusted their daily schedule due to gas prices. Of those, over 45 percent said they are consolidating or running fewer errands while over 53 percent are limiting their driving any way they can.
  2. About half of Commonwealth motorists commute to work. Of them, around 20 percent said they now often work from home, and around ten percent carpool or ride share to work.
  3. Most state residents are adjusting travel plans or travel budgets. About a third say they are taking fewer trips due to gas prices, and nearly 15 percent are taking shorter trips.

Meanwhile, about 20 percent are adjusting travel budgets for off-road trip components like dining or lodging.

At least the pain at local pumps isn’t unique to just Pa.