Swoop May Be the Mascot of the Hour, But These Collegeville School Kids Sure Enjoyed the Phanatic

green mascot rewards Full Belly Bag kids
Image via Holy Cross Regional Catholic School at Facebook.
The Phillie Phanatic thanks Collegeville students for crushing the 2022 Full Belly Bag challenge.

Students at Holy Cross Regional Catholic School, Collegeville, gathered enough food in a “Full Belly Bag” challenge to earn an onsite visit by the Phillie Phanatic. Despite baseball season being long over (and logical conjecture that Swoop’s datebook for Eagles gigs may be tight at present), the kids nonetheless responded enthusiastically to their diamond-associated visitor.

The school’s Facebook page covered the raucous recognition.

Holy Cross worked on the seasonal project with The Giving Tree of Gwynedd Valley, in collaboration with area Giant food stores.

The Giving Tree, a nonprofit organization, works to teach children firsthand about the merits of helping worthwhile causes and reaping the positive results of their efforts.

The Full Belly Bag challenge asks each participant to provide the components of a simple, nutritious meal in a sack; common inclusions include granola bars, instant oatmeal, and prepackaged apple sauce.

The benefits, according to The Giving Tree, accrue on both sides of the Full Belly Bag effort: Local children with food insecurity needs gain help in meeting them. And donors know they have participated in an outreach that makes a tangible difference in area lives.

The Holy Cross students provided 944 Full Belly Bag meals in total, with one third-grade class producing more than 10 percent of them on its own.

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