Coatesville Woman Hopes to Find Man Who Saved Her Life after Car Crash


Carla Long, a Chester County resident, is hoping to find the man who saved her life after a Dec. 5 car crash on Route 82 in Coatesville, writes Dawn Timmeney for FOX 29. 

Long was driving to a doctor’s appointment when a slick spot on a curve caused her to fly off the road. 

“I went down, car flipped on its side, then went down in the ditch,” she said. 

Once the car stopped, she was terrified. 

“I was pinned,” she said. “I was screaming, flashing my high beams.” 

She could see cars passing and finally, a man pulled over and asked her if she was okay. He called 911 and kept Long calm while waiting for help to arrive. 

Then, a pickup truck flew off the road at the exact same spot, barely missing the man, and crashed into Long’s car. 

The good Samaritan still waited with Long until emergency crews arrived, but in the chaos of it all, she did not get his name. Now, she is hoping to find her guardian angel and thank him. 

“I need to give him a huge hug,” she said. 

Read more about Carla Long at FOX 29

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