Flyers Fandom, Kids’ Meets, Their Own Pickleball Play — All Bond Sporty Huntingdon Valley Couple

Barnett and Janet Ellis
Image via Barnett and Janet Ellis at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Barnett and Janet Ellis.

Barnett and Janet Ellis of Huntingdon Valley connected through a dating app that revealed their common interest in the Philadelphia Flyers. From there, they built a relationship that led to a multigenerational home and a life of love. Kellie Patrick Gates profiled their story in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Janet was test-driving a dating app when she spotted Barnett online; his email address revealed him as a fervent Flyers fan, a niche interest of hers.

Both had children from previous relationships, and neither was overly eager to dive into dating.

Still, the sports connection proved compelling.

They agreed to meet on neutral ground: the Ikea parking lot in Conshohocken.

Janet, with a career related to the legal profession, had the foresight to run a background check on Barnett before arriving.

The shared sports DNA drew them closer, and they married in Aug. 2020.

The Ellises bought a large Huntingdon Valley house with enough space for their six combined children and Barnett’s aging father.

The clan’s calendar was filled with soccer, baseball, and hockey games. But eventually, the kids left home to start families of their own.

Their absence gives the Elises ample time for a new passion: pickleball.

More on Barnett and Janet Ellis is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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