Wall Street Journal: What Makes a $90,000 Watch So Expensive? Bala’s Govberg Jewelers Knows

George Mayer, Director of Sales and Watch Buying at Govberg Jewelers in Bala Cynwyd, offered his insight on the high prices of mechanical watches.

While most luxury wristwatches do not differ much in size, their prices can vary widely, writes Jacob Gallagher for The Wall Street Journal.

For instance, while a stainless steel Rolex Submariner costs $8,950, a pink-gold Roger Dubuis Excalibur currently has a hefty price tag of $90,000.

There are many factors that go into determining the price of a watch.

George Mayer

For example, mechanical watches are drastically more expensive than their battery-powered counterparts, owing to the time it takes to make them.

A single watch is made from thousands of small, individual parts, and crafting those minute components and assembling them into a functional watch takes an extraordinary number of hours, says George Mayer, Director of Sales and Watch Buying, at Govberg Jewelers in Bala Cynwyd.

During a visit to the Geneva factory of Vacheron Constantin — whose watches usually have five-digit price tags— Mayer met an employee who specialized in making the tiny screws that go inside a watch. It took that worker a full day to finish 1.5 screws, said Mayer.

Other pricing factors include materials, marketing, and branding, among many other things.

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Top photo credit: ludalmg90 via photopin (license)

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