Cheltenham High Grad Sought Main-Dish Career as Food Critic, Dug into Side-Dish Role as Food Influencer

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Image via Philly Food Ladies at Instagram.
Rebecca Nekritz.

When Rebecca Nekritz was young, she didn’t read The Philadelphia Inquirer for celeb gossip, sports news, or fashion updates. She read it for the Craig LeBan restaurant reviews. That early interest was one of the ingredients in her present role as a food influencer. Hanna Albertine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, served up her story.

Cheltenham High School alumna Nekritz and her onetime Temple University roommate — also a fledgling foodie expert — are behind the local TikTok and Instagram accounts @PhillyFoodLadies.

They started posting menu-related content merely to track their restaurant adventures and share recommendations with friends.

But when their favorite Vietnamese spot offered free pho for posting the dish’s photo, their hobby gained depth.

Thus fortified and aware of their potential, the Philly Food Ladies set out to capture the city’s best happy hours, rooftop restaurant views, and bars with perks like mini golf and board games.

The response was dramatic: More than 15,000 followers joined Nekritz and her co-creator in 2022 alone.

That initial serving of pho to however, shot their trajectory into a different direction. The “payment” for the recommendation morphed their dreams of food-critic careers into food-influencer roles.

But despite the pay-to-plate arrangements, the pair find satisfaction in supporting the food-service industry and its legion of professionals.

“Our goal is to uplift small businesses,” Neckritz says. “We want to help out restaurants.”

More on Rebecca Neckritz, food influencer, is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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