Penn Community Bank Solidifies Its Commitment to Quality, Corporate Responsibility

Bob Coffin, Chief Quality Management Officer
Image via Penn Community Bank.
Bob Coffin.

Recognizing that the current business environment is amid an operational sea change, Penn Community Bank has formalized its structure to ensure meaningful and tangible connections to the areas it serves.

In doing so, it has created a new corporate role — a Chief Quality Management Officer — as a means of not only being an agent of inclusiveness but also layering that commitment with an underpinning of quality.

The bank has entrusted the vital initiative to former Chief Credit Officer Robert Coffin, promoting him to the newly established role.

Coffin has lead Penn Community Bank’s growth by providing support, credit information, and loan policies and procedures to ensure the overall quality of the bank’s lending portfolio. He helped define the bank’s soundness and overall quality.

He will now work to answer a fundamental but key question: How does Penn Community Bank not only meet community needs but also do so with a high level of quality?

Coffin will draw on his professional experience to broaden the bank’s philosophy on what defines “quality” in 2022 and beyond. In doing so, he will ensure upward mobility for everyone in the region — not just those traditionally served by financial institutions.

In addition to supporting credit responsibilities, Coffin will oversee special initiatives centered on fair lending practices and build upon the bank’s foundational mutual structure to ensure it fulfills its values-driven brand promise.

“Working closely with our internal team — as well as local nonprofits and governmental agencies — I am excited to advance programming that increases access to financial stability and economic self-sufficiency,” said Coffin. “No matter their size, businesses have a responsibility to advance common goals and help everyone thrive — not just those already served.”

Jeane M. Vidoni, president and CEO of Penn Community Bank, summed up the new Chief Quality Management Officer role as just one part of a larger organizational realignment to better reflect the bank’s culture and goals.

“For too long, banking and financial services have been tied to the traditions and structures of the past. I’m proud of Penn Community Bank’s role in breaking the mold and investing in a new position to authentically live out our mission to help individuals, families, businesses, and entire communities grow and thrive.

“We’re setting a new benchmark for quality, together,” she concluded.

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