Towamencin Township Police Recognized for Efforts to Incorporate Mental Health Sensitivity into Responses

uniformed officers with plaque
Image via Towamencin Township Police Department at Facebook.
The Towamencin Township Police with their congratulatory plaque for 100 percent participation in a mental-health intervention training program.

The Towamencin Township Board of Supervisors recently recognized its police force for committing 100 percent to an educational effort designed to inform officers on best practices in mental health-related interventions. Joe Campisi heeded the call of duty to report the story for the Montgomeryville-Lansdale Patch.

The recognition came after every officer completed coursework in the Crisis Intervention School. Its syllabus builds officers’ skills around issues of mental health when dealing with members of the public.

“This school teaches trainees how to interact with individuals in crisis and provides guidance on county resources,” the police department posted to Facebook.

The achievement and participation rate are even more notable given that the training was voluntary. In responding wholly, the law enforcement organization underscored its commitment to using appropriately compassionate engagement in high-pressure situations.

“They really have investment in this,” said Michelle Monzo, of the Montgomery County Emergency Service, the nonprofit psychiatric hospital in West Norriton that presents the program. “It’s not a check-off-the-box training. This has been an ongoing relationship with your police department. We really have established a relationship and that’s what makes this work.”

Further information on this Towamencin Township training is at the Montgomeryville-Lansdale Patch.

The goal of informed responses to citizens with mental health concerns is not just a local one, as this report from a Pueblo, Colo., station indicates.
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