The Kings of Ka-Ching: Pottstown’s Got One of the Most Expensive High Schools in the U.S.

The Hill School in Pottstown.
Image via The Hill School on Facebook.
The Hill School in Pottstown is a co-ed prep school for grades 9-12.

The most expensive high schools in the U.S. can be pricier than some universities. That’s no exception for an independent Pottstown boarding school on 860 Beach Street. 

The Hill School’s annual tuition currently runs at a whopping $61,410 writes Jami Farkas for

Founded in 1851 by Reverand Matthew Meigs, the elite school was just for boys. But in 1998, it made a historic move to become coeducational, admitting girls for the first time.  

The now co-ed academy runs as a “family-style” campus, and students are heavily encouraged to attend weekly chapel meetings and participate in family nights in the dorms.

In terms of more traditional extracurricular fare, students can partake in a wide array of activities, including 31 different varsity sports, the arts, and music. 

Coursework comprises a variety of foreign languages, humanities, philosophy, and even engineering classes. Students can also take Advanced Placement courses to prepare for college careers. 

Notable former staff members include Doylestown-born author James A. Michener, who taught English there. Filmmaker Oliver Stone, Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf, and Donald Trump, Jr., were all educated within its halls.

Although the school’s motto quotes a Bible verse, “Whatsoever things are true,” the administration works to ensure a multi-denominational culture. The campus holds weekly worship services, meditations, Shabbat dinners, and even visits to local places of faith, such as the Islamic center and synagogue.

The complete list of U.S. high schools that rate alongside of The Hill School for expense is at 

This video, uploaded in 2020, depicts a typical Hill School day, hour by hour.
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