TikTok Comment from Kid Culinarian to Ardmore Mom Resurfaces for Back to School 2022

little boy looking up
Image via Mesh at Twitter.
Ardmore sandwich expert Abe Ndege.

Most parents video their children’s first day of school. But few of them go viral, as an upload of an Ardmore son returning home from his first exposure to formal education did. Rodrigo Torrejón educated The Philadelphia Inquirer readers on the clip’s subject: the new student’s gripe about a “terrible sandwich” from mom.

The TikTok video, seen more than 11 million times, shows kindergartner Abe Ndege getting off the school bus as mom Ricki Weisburg captures the arrival.

Wearing a backpack, name tag, and smile, Abe bounces down the bus steps.

“Hey! You did it!” Weisburg congratulates.

“Mommy?” Abe asks innocently. “Terrible sandwich, by the way. Really terrible.”

Nonplussed, Weisburg replies dryly, “Thanks for letting me know.” And Abe responds not with anything verbal but with a withering look that is both cute and humorous.

The honest exchange was shot in 2018 but caught fire when Weisburg posted it on TikTok this week. Sharing the brutally honest moment has become an annual tradition.

“It makes me happy because of how much joy it probably brought to people,” said Weisberg. “I just love that piece of that. Life is hard. So, giving people laughter and giving people a chance to relate and say, ‘That’s my kid,’ it makes me happy.”

The “terrible sandwich” video can be seen in The Philadelphia Inquirer link.

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