VFTCB: Montgomery County Has an Abundant Crop of Things to Do, See, Taste, and Enjoy for Fall

landscape with colorful trees
Image via the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board.
The bird's-eye view of fall foliage from the tower at Glencairn Museum, Bryn Athyn, should be a fall tradition countywide.

Ready to be enthralled by Fall? The Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board has categorized the array of Sept.–Nov. events taking place across the county. From gorgeous fall foliage to kid-friendly Halloween events, it is sure to be a jam-packed fall 2022.

Given its history, cultural depth, culinary excellence, beautiful scenery, and adrenaline-fueled adventures, it’s no surprise the list of Montgomery County autumnal recommendations is so long.


The prime season for brilliant displays of Mother Nature’s transition from summer to winter in this area is late October to mid-November, according to Visit PA.

The window may be short, but with it opening several weeks from now, residents have time to not only plan but also invite out of town guests to visit and leaf-peep together.

Should those visitors want to nestle in their own nook, the VFTCB has a bumper crop of recommendable overnight accommodations.

The list of ways to take in the tons of Technicolor trees include biking on the Perkiomen Trail, riding the Colebrookdale Railroad, and touring Valley Forge National Historical Park.

Autumnal Adrenaline

Just because summer’s active pace is slowing down doesn’t mean there aren’t still some pulse-pounding experiences to try.

The VFTCB believes the sight of the county from the vantage of a hot air balloon will raise riders’ heartbeats. And a cardio workout of a different type can be had by paddling the county’s waterways.

Further ways to get active for fall 2022 can be explored here.

Festivals and Events

With summer’s heat and humidity ebbing away, the chance to stroll Montgomery County’s towns and neighborhoods on a sunny afternoon is prime. Several festivals and events encourage just that, paired with entertainment, food, performances, kid-friendly entertainment, and a host of other reasons to get outside.

Kid-Centric Things to Do

With Halloween so far off and calendars chock-full of adult-appropriate events (beer fests and outdoor shopping, for example), the Sept. timeframe can be tough to fill for parents seeking family-friendly fare.

The VFTCB, however, has several tricks up its sleeve to engage littles this time of year.

Farm-to-Table Dining

Harvest season means an incredible array of fruits, vegetables, and proteins coming into their prime. Montco chefs — very familiar with this bounty — know just how to turn them into five-star dishes.

Farmers Markets

But for home cooks who want to employ that freshness in their own kitchens, the area’s farmers markets are also chock full of peak-season crops.

Reining in Expenses

Knowing that the post-COVID economy is still affecting Montgomery County households, the VFTCB makes sure to keep costs in mind. The experiences it lists are free, but the memories they make can be invaluable.

Happy fall 2022.

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