6ABC: Congregants of Church in Souderton Make Sure No Kid Goes Hungry Over the Weekend


When Donna Halteman and other congregants of the Zion Mennonite Church in Souderton found out that some children at an elementary school just a few blocks away were going hungry on weekends, they immediately sprang into action, writes Beccah Hendrickson for 6ABC.

In 2016, Donna Halteman founded the Bean Bag Program, which began by providing weekend meals for 20 children. Today, the number has grown to nearly 200 kids across several school districts.

“We provide weekend meals to children who experience hunger when they’re not in school,” said Halteman. “We like to recognize the children because every child is special.”

The program is fully community driven. The food is collected or bought with donations. Volunteers then prepare bags and distribute them. This year, they added books into the mix.

“Part of our program is to feed children, so they can focus in school,” said Halteman.

The program and the effort that makes it possible is an indicator of community strength and care for Halteman.

“They support each other,” she said. “They support their neighbors. They care about their neighbors, and they have big hearts. They’re willing to share of the extra they have.”

Read more about Donna Halteman and the Bean Bag Program at 6ABC.

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