Robert Irvine Partnership Continues to Bring His Sledgehammer Brand Heft to a Local Distillery

man in sunglasses on a boat
Image via Robert Irvine at Facebook.
Robert Irvine, posing with his branded Boardroom Spirits, Lansdale, product.

The celebrity oomph of Food Network star Robert Irvine is vaulting Lansdale-based Boardroom Spirits into a period of rapid expansion. Ryan Mulligan uncapped the particulars in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The Food Network host became a partner and co-owner at the distillery in August 2017. Four years later, he launched a branded liquor line, “Irvine’s.”

The resultant success has been very good for Boardroom Spirits. Growing need has led to a growing footprint for the business. Its local leadership team added around 20,000 square feet of physical space to help produce the celebrity chef–labeled vintages.

For Irvine, who is also a bodybuilder and entrepreneur, attaching his name to the products made by the Lansdale distillery was a way to help it grow and gain national recognition.

Boardroom Spirits, which started with only a few thousand square feet, has been experiencing exponential physical growth since Irvine joined. Atop prior expansions, it recently invested $300,000 to add over 13,000 square feet of additional production space.

And while Irvine has a global ambition for his liquor line, Pennsylvania “…always was and still is key to our success,” said Justin Leonard, the chief operating officer of the Robert Irvine brand family.

Read more about Boardroom Spirits in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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