Backup Generators — Helpful for Summer Power Outages — Can Run on Gas That’s Not Gasoline

girl in power outage with candles
Image via iStock.
Generators powered with propane can be a real asset when power grids go down for an extended time.

Summer is propane season in Montgomery County. But not just for grilling brats and deep-frying chicken wings. Many users find this time of year ideal for a propane generator.

They offer numerous advantages.

Heatwave and hurricane season can play havoc with power grids, plunged communities into darkness for days.

When the lights go out for an extended period, gasoline-powered models can be problematic. A widespread power outage can knock out a gas station’s pumps as easily as it can plunge a home into darkness. That may leave a traditional gas-powered generator high and dry.

And solar generators are not so effective at night.

But according to AmeriGas in King of Prussia, a propane-fueled generator can, if used economically, last weeks.

Also, natural gases can be stored indefinitely without decay, something gasoline stored in a leaky can cannot.

Propane systems are also cleaner, both in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon deposits diesel fuels can leave behind.

And even when the lights are on, a propane-fueled power source can be an asset, especially this time of year. Summer camping trips can be powered by a propane generator, as can preseason football tailgate parties.