Collegeville Bakery’s Fires on All Cylinders Serving Motor-City Detroit-Style Pizza

man with a pan
Image via FOX 29 Philadelphia.
Steve Carcarey of Collegeville Bakery shows off his signature pan for Detroit-style pizza ... and relates its unusual trip to becoming a cooking essential for this style of pie.

In a branding/geography mashup, a local bakery (not a traditional pizzeria) routinely cranks out a world-class version of pie (savory, not sweet) from the Motor City (not New York or Chicago, as perhaps would be expected). Bob Kelly of FOX 29 News revved up his reporting skills at Collegeville Bakery to cover — and sample — Detroit-style pizza.

Steve Carcarey, owner-operator of the Ridge Pike establishment, oversees a menu that’s a study in contrasts. The baked goods lean ethnic (homemade cannoli, pizzelle, breads, and rolls). But there are Old-World-style entrées for sale as well, pizza among them.

Not just one variety. Several varieties.

Including the lesser-known-in-these-parts Detroit edition.

A Detroit pie, for the uninitiated, is rectangular shaped, with a thick, airy, buttery crust. Toppings are traditional but include white cheddar.

The deep pan its baked in is part of the lore.

Its Detroit inventors, according to Carcarey, “[took] a pan designed to hold for car parts in a commercial garage — nuts and bolts, etc. — and they said, ‘You know what? Let’s try to make a pizza with this.’”

That was 75 years ago, making 2022 a landmark anniversary year for it.

Collegeville’s authenticity with this Detroit favorite doesn’t end with the pie. Its menu also contains the pizza’s traditional accompanying beverage: Vernors ginger soda, which dates to the late 1860s.

Collegeville Bakery makes several variations of the Detroit ‘za, including a breakfast variety with American cheese and plenty of bacon.

More on Detroit-style pizza available in Collegeville is at FOX 29 News.