Blue Bell’s CompanyVoice Provides a Career Path for Workers in Montgomery County

Rohan Lewis
Image via CompanyVoice.
Rohan Lewis.

CompanyVoice (CV) recognizes talent among its employees and chooses to promote from within when filling internal openings. Rohan Lewis joined CV in 2012 as an operator supporting inside sales for a national web provider.

His potential was clear and when an opening for team lead came up just months after he started, Rohan moved into that role. He enjoyed motivating people and had recently finished a graduate degree at Penn State University in Workforce Development & Training.

Rohan’s interest in people gained a wider impact when by the end of that year he took on a supervisory position and ultimately became the program manager.

Working on client accounts as an operator at CompanyVoice allows employees to show aptitude in customer service, problem-solving, team collaboration, and leadership.

While Rohan was pleased with his progression, in 2013 he was asked to cross-train on the compliance function. CompanyVoice was changing from an external renewal process to a proprietary internal system. Given a large number of operators with licenses from states across the country, the renewal and compliance operation was critical, and Rohan was running it in no time.

“I wasn’t expecting such a fast path to leadership,” says Rohan, who also commented, “I remember feeling comfortable with the transition to each new role and confident that I could succeed as I moved through positions of increasing responsibility.”

CompanyVoice recognized and rewarded Rohan for his performance and when the organization needed to fill in the HR Manager role, it was Rohan who stepped up. Today he remains in charge of licensing, compliance, and HR, fully utilizing his education, experience, and potential.

Rohan describes HR as a perfect fit, “I love helping people and getting to meet each candidate during the interview process. It starts off a positive relationship that will last for the duration of their time as an employee at CompanyVoice.”

Employing vast experience in procedural training, Rohan solidified CompanyVoice’s HR policies and procedures. He brings a value-added perspective to staff development for CV’s talented, diverse group of agents, knowing that effective training has a direct correlation to client service levels.

If you are a candidate with customer service skills that wants to explore a career with CompanyVoice, we encourage you to apply and interview. Let us know about your past experiences so we can match you with an account that will be an excellent expression of your skills. You may even get the chance to obtain a license with our full educational and financial support.

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