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CompanyVoice invests in staff development by helping their employees hone strengths, grow skills, and obtain insurance licenses. For their clients in the insurance industry, CompanyVoice hires workers who have insurance experience or are interested in adding a credential to their resume.

Obtaining an insurance license better equips CompanyVoice operators to support insurance projects on which they perform all the duties of a licensed insurance producer.  

To obtain a license, employees have several options to prepare with support from CompanyVoice’s HR and Training department. License candidates can choose to immerse themselves in a self-paced course of study or attend a highly engaging five-day pre-licensing class given by a subject matter expert in Accident and Health and Life Insurance. 

Whether self-paced or live training, participants complete 24 hours of pre-licensing education culminating in a pre-examination test. Upon passing, the candidate holds a pre-licensing certificate which is valid for one year and satisfies Pennsylvania’s 24-hour pre-licensing requirement. 

This certificate serves as entrée to sit for the Pennsylvania State Insurance Department exam and enables those who pass to begin taking inbound calls from customers of large insurance carriers.  

CompanyVoice employees who are first time or renewal license holders call this a gamechanger for their career and point out some of the benefits of earning this credential.

Constance Saafir, a policy and pharmacy specialist, is from Philadelphia and has worked for CV for 8 months. She became a licensed agent in Pennsylvania for a national insurance carrier and is committed to educating policy owners about the value of their life insurance policies.

Constance Saafir

Sharpening her people skills and improving her customer service skills has helped Constance develop good salesmanship and increased knowledge of a variety of products.

“Education expands one’s abilities. Licensing shows one can see a project to the end,” she says. “I improved my organization, problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills.”

Advice for potential new hires, she says: Trust in the process of learning, apply yourself through studying the material provided, and you will become a licensed agent.

Mitch Wallace from Drexel Hill is licensed for insurance sales for inbound projects primarily with Medicare Advantage products. He has learned to utilize different enrollment applications such as Wipro and interactive sales agent tools as well as various dialer systems. 

Mitch Wallace

“Training and management got me on track with practice testing and NIPR testing to get current. I was offered 20 hours per week paid time to train in the License Portals,” Mitch explains. “I had recently undergone open-heart surgery and CompanyVoice trainers took time to sit next to me to assure my level of competency before attempting to test. The Medicare Training is invaluable and CompanyVoice paid all the fees and costs and oversaw all correspondences, which saved time and potential expenses.”

Mitch would tell potential new hires to get a license/certification at CV: “Absolutely go for it! Positive skills training will support success and encouragement are always paramount in Company Voice’s mind,” he explains. “Through internal quality enhancement programs, you are always getting better! CV wants to enrich your skills and earnings.  Many sales programs carry a bonus for performance, and I received a bonus even after the season ended.”

Mitch’s focus has been on Medicare and Affordable Care Act (ACA) sales. “My license has made me focused, effective, and able to master various sales processes.  I can also service clients in multiple states. I feel I am a more positive thinker too. The Corporate Trainer, taught me, ‘If you say you can. you’re right!’ I always look for better ways to interact with team members and associates.”

Michael Brent

Michael Brent is from Radnor and is a licensed agent for insurance sales for inbound projects, who began learning to navigate and sell healthcare plans at CompanyVoice, starting with training class with an excellent instructor and practice exams.

Lorenzo Hough

He explains that the process on new hires is very professional and made passing the state licensing exam much easier, and he feels much more confident selling healthcare products. 

Lorenzo Hough is from Philadelphia and has been licensed at CompanyVoice for 10+ years, for Medicare enrollment and has achieved multi-state licensure and gained knowledge of the various plans offered.

Thanks to classroom training and computerized training, he tested for a license at a certified testing center, which led to more opportunities to work and learn.

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