Montgomery County Ranks High Among 50 Highest-Earning Counties in Pennsylvania

high-earning counties
Image via Pexels.

Montgomery County is among the highest-earning counties in Pennsylvania, according to a new report by Stacker.

To determine the areas that earn the most in the Keystone State and nationwide, Stacker used data from the U.S. Census Bureau to rank counties by 2019 5-year estimated median household income.

Montgomery County ranked in second place with a median household income of $91,546. This is significantly higher than both the state (48.3 percent) and national (45.7 percent) median.

Nearly half of households in the county – or 45.8 percent – earn more than $100,000. This puts it in second place in Pennsylvania and at No. 64 among all counties nationwide.

Meanwhile, only 5.4 percent of households earn less than $15,000, which is the 3,003 highest rate among all counties nationwide.

All Philadelphia collar counties ranked highly on the list, taking all four top spots. Chester County came in first, Bucks County placed third, and Delaware County ranked in fourth place.

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