Bala Cynwyd Billionaire Jeff Yass Spent $18M on Candidates Who Support This Cause

Jeff Yass
Image via Maggie Henry Corcoran, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Jeff Yass, a Bala Cynwyd billionaire.

Bala Cynwyd billionaire Jeff Yass spent at least $18 million in the 2022 primary to back candidates who have shown support for alternatives to public school, writes Stephen Caruso for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The richest person in Pennsylvania has been pumping money into both Democratic and Republican primaries.

Among the beneficiaries are Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill McSwain and several Philadelphia Democrats who are facing a number of progressives.

The common ground is their support for public school alternatives, according to Yass’ allies.

“It’s no secret,” said conservative activist Matt Brouillette. “Where Jeff and [his wife] Janine invest their philanthropy and political dollars, they are passionate about getting kids to better schools.”

However, critics from various political backgrounds claim that the billionaire’s spending is focused on both peddling influence and inserting his ideology into both major parties on issues such as privatizing public school and cutting taxes.

“This is about power for Jeffrey Yass,” said Eric Rosso, an organizer with the left-wing Working Families Party. “This is a billionaire wanting to exert his personal influence on the election.”

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Jeff Yass