Devon Horse Show Takes Easttown Township to Court

Devon Horse Show
Image via Unsplash.

The Devon Horse Show has taken Easttown Township to court, accusing it of price-gouging the equestrian nonprofit, writes Caroline O’Halloran for SAVVY Main Line. 

The lawsuit comes after the DHS received a hefty bill of $130,000 from the township for permits and services for this year’s show. That amount nearly doubles what the township charged the nonprofit in 2019, the last year the show was held. 

“It cannot be overstated that, for the first post-COVID year, 2022, the township unilaterally and without explanation, seeks to almost double the ‘Special Event Permit’ fee to Devon,” reads the lawsuit. 

The majority of the bill is for Easttown police, who deal with maintaining order and directing traffic outside of the show. DHS claims the township is unfairly forcing the nonprofit to utilize Easttown police officers, whose services average $99 per hour.

The DHS would prefer to use Berwyn Fire Police, which would charge $25.50 an hour. 

Meanwhile, Easttown Township noted that “the Devon Horse Show’s financial demands and self-imposed service limitations are not consistent with protecting the health and safety of the Horse Show’s own patrons and visitors, or the larger Easttown community.” 

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