Career Changes You Can Make in Your 40s

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Realizing you want to change careers can happen at any time. Admittedly, it is better to have it happen when you are just starting out.

But even if you are well into your work experience you can still develop the skills necessary to make the change. If you have been wondering what options are viable for middle-aged workers, here are some of your best avenues courtesy of Stacker.

Web Developer

If you have ever had an interest in coding, web developers are more in demand than ever. Every product and company needs a website now, and it is a skill you can learn either through a degree or through courses on your own.

Social Media Marketer

If Instagram and Facebook are already major parts of your daily life, why not get paid for it to help companies with their personal brands? If you already have a strong social media following, that is a testament that you know how to engage an audience.

Event Planner

Lots of other fields intersect with the skills needed to be an event planner, such as people in business fields or a communications career. Your background could make for a smooth transition into helping organize special occasions.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents do not need a degree, but simply need to complete around 100 hours of coursework before they pass an exam. This is great for a mid-career change, as it can be done on your own time from home.

Financial Planner

This is a great career for the future due to projections that it will grow in the coming years. It also does not require you to get any additional certifications to make the switch, which is great if you already have a background in business.

You still have a lot of working years left in your 40s, so don’t feel like you are stuck with a career that is not what you want!

To see the full list of all 30 careers that Stacker recommends for middle-aged workers, read their article here.




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