Collegeville’s Strictly by Hand Car Detailing, Super-Convenient for You in Montgomery County

Strictly by Hand Car Detailing
Image via Strictly by Hand Car Detailing.
Drew Clifford hard at work on detailing a Corvette.
Strictly by Hand

When Drew Clifford graduated high school in Montgomery County, like many kids, the next natural step seemed to be pursuing a college education. But after 6 weeks at a local community college, it quickly became apparent to Drew that College might not be for him – at least not right now.

From a young age, Drew had always had an interest in cars.

For a couple of summers during high school, he had worked at a high-end car dealership detailing cars and had established a small list of detailing customers of his own.

When he sat down with his Dad to tell him that school might not be for him, his Dad’s response was simply that you can’t stop going to school without a plan.

Drew had a plan.

He wanted to take his part-time detailing hustle and turn it into a business. He had done the research. He had considered getting a garage somewhere but finally decided that his customers really seemed to like the convenience of him coming to their location.

He had found the pump equipment he needed from a distributor in California and got certified in some procedures and coatings. And with that, Strictly by Hand Mobile Detailing got its start.

As the name says, “Strictly” is fully mobile.

They come to the customer’s home, place of work, or wherever is most convenient for the client. They bring everything, including their own water.

Drew started with his family’s old flatbed trailer, but it wasn’t long before he invested in a fully enclosed trailer. Being able to brand the trailer has proven to be a great source of advertising. He often gets calls while he is driving down the road, with the caller saying “I am driving behind you right now.”

From interior and exterior detail, to paint correction and high-end ceramic coating, Strictly by Hand provides a full range of auto detailing services to meet the needs of any car owner. They can even use an acid treatment to rid your headlamps of that cloudy film and make them look showroom-new.

This work is all at the location of the client’s choice. Booking an appointment is easy on the Strictly website here, or call them at 610-389-6967 to discuss their services or schedule an appointment.

Strictly also has gift cards, great for a Christmas stocking stuffer, a birthday present, or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift.

If you need your car detailed, Strictly by Hand will come to you.