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Recently, members of the Integrate for Good Board Marketing Committee were introduced to some new members of the internal IFG marketing team. As everyone introduced themselves, each introduction began with “I met Bev/I joined IFG because of [insert person’s name]”. The group realized each person was on the call because of someone who connected them to Integrate for Good.  

They all used social capital to find their respective positions in the organization. Social Capital is defined as a network of relationships we lean on to work and live.  In the corporate world, we simply call it networking. 

In our personal lives, we call it referrals or recommendations.  It may come naturally for some, but not for all.

Integrate for Good was born of the understanding that most often, transition-age youth and adults don’t have the social capital they need to find employment or other opportunities where their abilities will be accepted, rewarded, and encouraged. 

Integrate for Good’s mission is to create opportunities for people of all abilities to contribute their talent through inclusive volunteerism, community leadership, and competitive employment.

A newly designed Integrate for Good website went live last week and its developer is Nick Welsh, a young man who is Neurodiverse and went from volunteering with Integrate for Good in a creative technology role to being hired as the agency’s first official employee as its Director of Technology. 

The new website shares various stories of people like Nick, who, thanks to volunteer opportunities they find with Integrate for Good, meet people to build their social capital which can lead to employment. 

Integrate for Good is working towards a future where people of all abilities are hired because of their talents, strengths, and abilities, not out of charity. Our vision is one where loneliness and social isolation are replaced by friendship and community connection.

In other words, social capital.

We do this through the social capital of our team, Board, and partners and through events where we can meet new people and introduce them to Integrate for Good. To that end, we have launched a new opportunity to support IFG and our community through our new Founder’s Circle.  

We wanted to create a support level that gives back to the donor. Founder’s Circle gives its members exclusive access to networking events at local breweries, wineries, and restaurants where they can meet other Founder Circle members as well as the amazing people empowered by their support. 

They’ll learn first-hand and up-close how their support changes the game for young people with disabilities living right here in their community. Founder’s Circle members also enjoy online benefits such as links to their companies on the IFG website, promotion on IFG social media, and special recognition at larger agency events.

If you are interested in expanding your own social capital or wish to share your network with our students, learn more about our Founder’s Circle membership by visiting here.

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