Integrate For Good Empowers Student Interns with Disabilities

Integrate For Good mat project
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Integrate for Good believes all students of all abilities deserve valuable internship experiences which set them up on paths to professional success.

An internship experience is important for connecting to community resources, building new relationships, and developing leadership skills that promote future achievements.

Integrate for Good’s strength-based approach supports a positive, stress-free, and social environment for students looking for “a place” within their college community.

Students and their on-campus staff collaborate with Integrate for Good to design customized work experiences. 

Team members help one another while sharing similar interests. We encourage students’ feedback and listen for creative ways of enhancing the program experience.

One of the most amazing things about Integrate for Good is seeing how quickly transformational change can happen when people with disabilities are set up for success and provided with opportunities to teach and share their talent.

Integrate For Good Interns
Integrate For Good Interns.

Catherine is one of their valued interns.

She leads the Opening Doors on Campus work at Gwynedd Mercy University where she is an Early Childhood Studies student. Catherine also lives with an intellectual disability.

When Integrate For Good first met Catherine in August, she was hesitant and anxious. She would watch their project from a distance but resisted any invitation to try something new.

Fast forward just 11 weeks.

Catherine is now leading, teaching, and solving problems for our Executive Director.

She learned to use a tape measure and just celebrated completing her first sleeping mat for a local community member experiencing street homelessness. Next week, she will be training a new intern and co-teaching at a Chamber of Commerce volunteer event.

Cara, another talented Gwynedd Mercy University student who lives with Down syndrome, will be joining Integrate For Good as an intern for the Spring semester.

Integrate For Good hopes to expand community perspectives by changing culture, supporting disability inclusion by decreasing stigma, and increasing collaborative efforts so opportunities in Montgomery County aren’t just reserved for some of us, but for all of us.

Your support empowers young people like Catherine and Cara to move from loneliness and isolation to connection and opportunity.

Find out more about Integrate For Good or make a donation here.

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