111 Acres of Land Conserved in Chester County Thanks to Conservation Trust, Family Property Owners 


Partnering with Charlestown Township, French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust has put 111 acres under protection in northern Chester County, writes staff from the Daily Local News. 

Conservation easements were pioneered by brothers Christopher, Nicolas, and Geoffrey Crowell on two properties, with funding for the easements coming through the Open Space Initiative. 

Moreover, the easements saved the space from nearly all high-density development residential rights. 

“Thanks to the Crowells’ generosity, their properties will continue to provide the public with the scenic views they have come to appreciate, as well as provide wildlife and plant habitat, healthy and unfragmented woodland, and provide, maintain and improve water quality in the Pickering Creek Watershed,” said Pam Brown, French & Pickering Conservation Director. 

These two properties include natural amenities that include 31 acres of woodlands, and a stream that contributes to the growth of the plant and animal species. 

French & Pickering Creeks Conservation is grateful for the opportunity to conserve this “biologically valuable and beautiful property.” 

Since the nonprofit’s establishment in 1967, it has conserved over 13,000 acres of land in northern Chester County.  

Through help from property owners such as the Crowells, townships, and foundations, it has generated multiple parkland areas and preserved environmentally sensitive land. 

Read more about the 111 conserved acres in the Daily Local News. 

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