Hun, Get to Know Aunt Mary Pat, Delco’s (and Montco’s) Favorite Relative

Aunt Mary Pat
Images via Aunt Mary Pat.
Aunt Mary Pat is thrilled to start her Merry Friggin Christmas Tour!
Aunt Mary Pat is thrilled to start her Merry Friggin Christmas Tour!

She’s sarcastic. She’s funny. She has to go to the Ack-a-me, and she’s been stuck inside the house with her family during the entire pandemic, and she needs to get out.

She’s Aunt Mary Pat, Delco’s Favorite Aunt.

Troy Hendrickson began the character of Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino, based on his mother, and with Facebook videos full of sarcastic wit, positive messages, and plenty of wine, she’s gonna tell you how it is, hun.

After the Eagles Superbowl win in 2018, his video went viral, and since then, Troy’s performed over 100 interactive shows for the AMP audience for over four years full-time in a variety of places, from “down the shore” to Delco (and Montco!), she’s is ready to talk pandemic, depression, wine (or the Fireball!), family, and so much more.

In early 2019, after a successful kickstarted campaign Troy released the debut comedy album entitled “Talk of the Township.”

It hit #5 on the iTunes comedy charts.  

The album featured three #1 iTunes comedy singles, as well as a successful Christmas album called “Mary Friggin Christmas.”

We all have a relative that has that Delco accent (Mare of Easttown, anyone?) And Troy’s character is so relatable, makes you laugh, and makes you think. “I have a great time wherever I go, I like to bring the party,” Troy says.

This year, Troy performed during an AMP residency down the shore as well as in performing in Clearwater, Florida, and says it’s a treat to be able to travel for work in beautiful places and making a vacation out of it.

Want to see Aunt Mary Pat up close and personal? See her all her shows, like her Merry Friggin Christmas Tour, which just started last week, which includes shows in Norristown, Ardmore, and Downingtown, as well as in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

“At Ardmore Music Hall, everyone is very professional and always takes care of us, and in Royersford at Soul Joel’s they have the best crowds and best atmosphere, they really appreciate the shows, and the fans are very sweet,” Troy shared.


And don’t miss I Know What Youse Did Downashore Last Summer—a fun new short film that just came out, which features some of Troy’s family members and friends (Might be a bit NSFW.)