National Ranking: Behind-the-Wheel Experiences of PA Drivers is Statistically Middle of the Road

woman in a driver's seat
Image via Peter Fazekas at Pexels.
The overall driving experience in Pa., is relatively average when compared to other states.

Pennsylvania ranked in the middle of the pack among the nation’s best and worst states for drivers, according to a recently released report by WalletHub.

To determine the states with the most and least positive driving experiences, WalletHub compared 50 states across 31 key indicators of a positive commute. A score of 100 represented the best vehicular experiences.

Criteria included average gas price and road quality.

Pennsylvania’s score of 54.68 parked it at the No. 32 spot. Comparatively, driving conditions here are better than in Delaware and New Jersey but not quite as good as those in New York and West Virginia.

The number-one state for being on the road is Iowa.

The Keystone State ranked highest in access to vehicles and maintenance (sixth place). It came No. 28 in safety and No. 33 in traffic and infrastructure. The state placed lowest in cost of ownership and maintenance at No. 38.

Based on individual metrics, Pennsylvania ranked second for auto-repair shops per capita and third based in car dealerships per capita.

On the negative side, it came eight based on rate of car theft and ninth in share of rush-hour traffic congestion. It also came in No. 13 in traffic fatality rate, No. 38 for road quality, No. 40 for auto-maintenance costs, and No. 41 for average gas prices.

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