Former CHOP Patient’s Dream Comes True and Becomes Nurse at CHOP King of Prussia After Decades of Healing


After spending part of her childhood in CHOP hospitals, former CHOP patient Abby Lackman has gone on to fulfill her dream of becoming a CHOP nurse herself, reports Matteo Iadonisi for 6abc.

“It’s been my dream,” said Lackman. “With my history, I’ve been in and out of the hospital and the CHOP nurses really made an impeccable difference in my life.”

In 1995, before Lackman was even born her life was in jeopardy. An ultrasound showed an abnormal mass developing outside of her lungs. After her premature birth, the doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were crucial in keeping her alive.

Abby with her doctor, Dr. Scott Adzick, Surgeon-in-Chief at CHOP. Images via Abby Lackman on 6abc.

“The only way to save her life was to put her on the heart-lung machine,” said Dr. Scott Adzick, Surgeon-in-Chief at CHOP, who still remembers Lackman’s case clearly despite it happening 27 years ago. “But it was sort of a desperate solution for a desperate situation.”

Lackman spent two and a half months in the hospital gaining her strength.

Then she spent over two decades dreaming of working in the ICU at CHOP.

Her dream finally came true just six months ago when she was hired by CHOP, and starting next week she’ll be a part of the team at the brand-new Middleman Family Pavilion at CHOP in King of Prussia.

The new hospital has 52 inpatient rooms, 16 of which are reserved for the pediatric ICU where Lackman will be working.

It’s also retrofitting with state-of-the-art operating rooms and a 24/7 emergency department that will allow more children in the surrounding communities to receive care close to home. It will also provide relief to the West Philadelphia campus, which has around 600 beds.

“I look forward to just taking care of families and children and just letting them know, like you need to always stay positive,” said Lackman. “Just take it one day at a time.”

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