Historic House in Valley Forge Park Sees New Life in Upcoming Restoration

The Maurice Stephens house, c. 1816.
Image via G. Purifoy, NPS Photo.
The Maurice Stephens house, c. 1816.

Sitting within the great valley known as the Grand Parade of the historic Valley Forge National Park lies a failing structure known as the Maurice Stephens House. First built in 1816 as a single-family residence for Esquire Maurice Stephens, this now dilapidated building is looking for a brighter future, according to Main Line Tonight.

“Plans are underway to turn this structure into the Valley Forge Park Alliance’s headquarters. It will also host a public café as well as restrooms for the public,” said executive director of the Valley Forge Park Alliance Molly Duffy. “So it’s going to be in the few next years a gathering spot for everybody who visits the park.”

As the House is in pretty bad shape, the Alliance is currently fundraising to try and meet its target goal of one million dollars to cover the total cost of the rehabilitation.

“Construction should start sometime in 2022 and everybody will be able to come to visit us here and visit the café sometime in 2023,” said Duffy. “Maybe 2024, but hopefully 2023.”

While the Maurice Stephens House will serve as a great visiting spot for the public, its rehabilitation will mark a huge step forward for the Alliance as its new headquarters will allow it to finally do its work from within the park itself.

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