Career Corner: The Top 10 Careers for Business Majors

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A degree in business can open a lot of doors for you. Depending on your interests you could apply your education towards accounting, marketing, or a wide variety of other options. But you are probably looking at salary expectations to figure out your final decision.

If that is the case, Stacker recently compiled the highest-paying careers you can get for some of the most popular career choices. Here are the top salary careers for those of you with business majors:

Quantitative Business Analysis

A specialization in business can mean everything from marketing, to managerial roles, or in this case, looking at the financial side of things.

For a salary generally around $125,000, you will help with data analysis to aid the company in making its financial choices.

Foreign Affairs

For companies that operate internationally, having someone knowledgeable of trade policy and the laws of other countries is paramount.

While foreign affairs is a career transferrable to everything up to the government level, for those applying it to businesses you can expect to make about $127,000.

Corporate Accounting and Finance

As the name suggests, in this career path you will be assisting with the financial side of the business.

Those in this field often wind up filling roles such as the chief financial officer who is responsible for managing tasks like budgeting. An average salary is around $130,000.

Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Typically earning just shy of $130,000, here you will be building the brand of the business all the way from its inception.

To do so, you will assist with tasks such as product development and managing inventory, if those are applicable to the organization.

Actuarial Mathematics

If you are educated in statistics, this job allows you to put those skills to use to help calculate financial risks for purposes such as insurance coverage.

This is becoming an increasingly popular position that usually earns about $143,000.

Business Computing

Combing knowledge of computer systems into a business education can yield a salary of over $143,000.

You will be helping to optimize the business by usage of information systems that can help track important data for the company.

Applied Economics and Management

This job utilizes math skills more than anything, but that can be used in roles with businesses to assist with financial decisions.

For using your knowledge of economic models, you can expect to earn an average of around $146,000.

Operations Research

This role assists the business from an analytics side of the equation, something that could require supplementary education in areas like mathematics and computer programming to be most effective.

This comes with salaries that are in the vicinity of $147,000.

Public Accounting

The public accountant focuses on the financial side of the business, helping with tasks such as the preparation of tax documents. You would also need to go beyond your bachelor’s and earn certification as a public accountant, but doing so gives you salary prospects over $147,000.

Interaction Design

For the most profitable prospects with a business degree, you definitely want to consider this career which can earn over $155,000.

The role focuses more on the digital side of things, specifically how we engage with technology. So when you work on a website and create how it responds to the user, that is interaction design and shaping the user’s experience with the company.

Business degrees can lead to some of the most lucrative and stable careers, making them very popular areas of education. And as seen with this list, they also provide you a great deal of flexibility in regards to where you can take your career.

To see the full list of 100 jobs, make sure to read the original article from Stacker by clicking here.



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