Pennsylvania’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish Isn’t Mashed Potatoes or Green Bean Casserole

thanksgiving side stuffing
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Do you know Pennsylvania’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish? It’s not what you’d think, writes Deb Kiner for Is it green bean casserole or stuffing? Baked potatoes or creamed cauliflower? reviewed Google Trends to determine each state’s favorite Turkey Day side dish. 

In nine states, they discovered that mashed potatoes are Number 1. Some like other forms of potatoes like a hash brown casserole and baked potatoes.

In Pennsylvania, the favorite side dish is stuffing!

Image via Google Trends on stuffing or greens beans?
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Or is it filling?

In any case, people in PA really enjoy their stuffing, as well as residents in New Hampshire and Maine.

Along with the mashed potatoes, the next popular side dish is some form of carbs in bread—rolls, cornbread, homemade or store-bought biscuits, and crescent rolls.

And, stuffing is a form of bread, technically.

Many also enjoy that infamous green bean casserole, where Ohio and Indiana rate green beans as their favorite side dish.

In South Dakota and New York, those residents rank sweet potatoes as their favorite side, and Alabama goes right for the sweet potato casserole.

Plus, you can’t forget about creamed corn, collard greens, carrots (glazed or otherwise), stuffed mushrooms, mashed cauliflower, and of course, every state lives for extra gravy to drizzle over their turkey.

Now, the question is…white meat or dark meat? And stuffing or filling?

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