In Pennsylvania, Google Knows the Word That We Don’t Know How to Spell


How to spell with word tiles
Image via Unsplash.
What can’t we spell in PA?! Image via AT&T and Google Trends.

According to data analyzed last year, Google Trends determined the top “how-to-spell” search terms for every state. The findings were reported by abc27, Harrisburg, citing data from AT&T.

Coronavirus, a likely candidate, was 2021’s most mangled noun in the Commonwealth.

Residents of other five states also struggled with it: Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Vermont, and West Virginia.

A common error presented it as Caronavirus, off the mark both in vowels and capitalization.

Another common flub in the Keystone State was quarantine, a spelling bee killer in 11 other states. Favorite close-but-not-quite version? “Corn teen.”

It is totally understandable that during a raging pandemic people struggled with the nouns associated with a widespread health crisis right outside their winnows — er, windows.

Read more about the most misspelled 2021 word in Pennsylvania at abc27.

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