Navy Veteran Opens New Beer Shop in Ardmore

jim martin lower merion beverage company
Image via Lower Merion Beverage Company.

Jim Martin, a veteran who served in the navy for ten years before earning an MBA at Villanova University, has recently opened Lower Merion Beverage, the Ardmore’s newest beer shop, writes Max Bennett for MSN Travel.

Jim Martin, of the Lower Merion Beverage Company.
Jim Martin, of the Lower Merion Beverage Company.

Martin opted to make “Keep It Local” his new business’ slogan. To keep with that message, he assembled a local team of employees with extensive expertise and knowledge in the constantly growing beer industry.

He then filled his store with a variety of local brews as well as ciders and seltzers and is also offering traditional favorites and beers from around the globe.

The store sells beverages of every size, including mix-and-match cans, cases, crowlers, growlers, and kegs.

The space has a different feel from older beer distributors.

It features high ceilings, wide aisles, and a huge wooden bar that offers samples of local and seasonal brews. There are also local sports banners along with a big-screen television.

The owner is a Wynnewood resident who was prompted by the pandemic to leave his Comcast job and has finally turned his years-long dream of opening his own shop into a reality.

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