For Landenberg Couple, Leaving Their Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Home a Bittersweet Experience

frank lloyd wright-style home

For architect Donald Dunham and classics professor Annette Giesecke, leaving their Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home in Landenberg after two decades is a bittersweet experience, writes Drew Limsky for Main Line Today.

The couple put their souls into the house. They were so committed to its look and style that they lived in a trailer on the property during its construction.

Both the home and the four-acre wooded lot were perfect for the two, especially due to their proximity to White Clay Creek Preserve.

“We love the outdoors and like hiking and camping and all the things that go with what you can find in a state park,” said Dunham.

The home turned out to be an homage to Wright even if Dunham did not set out to make it one. It is full of huge windows that bring nature inside. A lot of the furniture is built-in, also a nod to Wright.

“Now, when people visit the house and say it’s like a Usonian Frank Lloyd Wright house, I take it as an extreme compliment,” he said.

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