New Mother Meets Her Baby After Spending Months at Lankenau Hospital Fighting COVID-19

Marissa Fuentes
Image via CBS3.

After spending five and a half months fighting COVID-19, a Montgomery County mom was finally able to leave Lankenau Hospital and head home to be with her baby, writes Stephanie Stahl for CBS3 Philly.

It was an emotional goodbye for Marissa Fuentes, who was provided a hero’s departure by the medical team that saved her life and took care of her for nearly half a year. For Fuentes and her family, the medical team members were the heroes.

“We love you guys dearly, thank you so much,” said her husband, Adrian Fuentes.

Fuentes was one of the sickest COVID-19 patients at the hospital. When she was admitted, the doctors had to perform an emergency C-section to save her life.

Fuentes got to meet her son, Enzo, for the first time when he was five months old.

For the family, this has been the most trying and frustrating experience to cope with in their lives. They wish there had been more information on the safety of the vaccine for pregnant women back in April. Now, they know it is safe.

 “Get the vaccine it can save you and the baby,” said Marissa.

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