Bryn Mawr’s Main Line Classical Academy Merges Classical Training with Scientific Rigor

Matt standign at Main Line Classical Academy
Image via Jose F. Moreno, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Emsi Burning Glass CEO Matt Sigelman at Main Line Classical Academy in Bryn Mawr.

Emsi Burning Glass CEO Matt Sigelman has turned his belief that better training is needed for jobs across the economy into a Bryn Mawr school steeped in the wisdom of the Ancient World, writes Christine M. Johnson-Hall for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Sigelman co-founded Main Line Classical Academy, which merges classical training with scientific rigor, with his wife, Asya. It puts the focus on problem-solving and critical thinking—skills he believes are more needed now than ever.

Boston-based Emsi Burning Glass researches and analyzes the transforming workplace in America.

According to its research, the jobs in demand will look significantly different five years from now. There will be a surge in logistics, cybersecurity, green jobs, artificial intelligence, and other roles that will create up to 18 million new jobs nationwide.

Sigelman aims to provide the skill-building tools for students to tackle this future head-on.

“The key idea of this school is that if you want to train students to be leaders, in any field or career, they need to be not reacting to what we believe to be the future; they need to be shaping it,” he said.

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