Amazon Plans to Add Thousands of Seasonal Jobs in Montco and Philadelphia Region for the Holiday Rush

Amazon truck
Image via Unsplash.

Amazon is planning to fill 3,900 seasonal jobs in Philadelphia’s collar counties, like Montgomery County, joining numerous companies that are now bulking up ahead of the holiday rush, writes Ryan Mulligan for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The jobs will start at $18 per hour and include signing bonuses of up to $3,000 that will be paid in installments over 180 days.

According to Amazon spokesperson Steven Kelly, the jobs will be fairly evenly split across the eCommerce giant’s fulfillment centers, distribution centers, and warehouses in Philadelphia and across its collar counties.

The openings will target people with flexible work schedules who are looking to bring in extra money before the calendar-flip to 2022.

Full-time seasonal employees will also receive healthcare benefits.

Amazon said that many of its seasonal employees return every year, and some, like Andrea Wilkerson, transition into full-time employees. She started as a seasonal employee four years ago and is now a local staffing coordinator.

According to Kelly, the company is confident it will be able to fill all its open positions.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we’ll get there,” he said.

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