Sidecar, E-commerce Company Founded by Lower Merion Grad, Gets Access to Amazon’s Ad Service

Andre Golsorkhi, sidecar founder
Image via Sidecar.
Andre Golsorkhi.

Sidecar, an e-commerce marketing company founded by Lower Merion High School graduate Andre Golsorkhi, has been acquired by New York-based Quartile, writes Joseph N. DiStefano for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Sidecar has been a local success story for the last seven years. The company has been helping retailers reach digital customers, primarily through carefully tailored ads on Google and Facebook.

Now that it has been acquired, the company has also opened itself up to Amazon, as the new owner helps retailers get more customers by targeting them using Amazon’s fast-growing ad services.

“Sidecar was being seen as pigeonholed into Google and Facebook,” said Paul Melchiorre, one of the early investors in Sidecar. The firm “had to do something. E-commerce is on fire, but in today’s environment they had to be bigger and broader.”

This merger with Quartile provides clients with access to all three big digital ad channels, along with others. This year, the two companies have managed ads worth $2 billion.

That is almost one percent of the digital advertising total. Sidecar contributed more than half of this and employs a larger staff. However, Quartile is growing faster and is worth more.

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