2021 Montco Millennial Superstar: Christine Costello

Christine Costello MMS
Image via Montco Today.
Christine Costello.

Christine Costello is the Sr. Director Global Organizational Effectiveness at Phenom People, Inc., and she also holds the role of Executive Director at The Humanizing Initiative, a company she co-owns with a few other individuals.

She was born and raised in the small borough of Rockledge, the same place her father was raised. “The small community was a big part of my upbringing, and it was the feeling that “everyone is family” that has kept me in the local area my entire life.”

Christine’s first job was babysitting at age 13. “What I loved is that the job never felt like work. I loved everything about being a part of a child’s journey. Every moment watching them learn and explore was a gift, and it’s when I first discovered my passion for education and supporting the growth and development of others,” she notes.

Christine Costello’s proudest professional accomplishment is helping establish the Humanizing Initiative, an organization focused on humanizing leadership and helping organizations promote human dignity.

“While my career has taken a winding path, the one constant has been to my commitment to developing inclusive and transformational spaces for people to grow and succeed together,” Christine explains, “Through my work with The Humanizing Initiative, I can collaborate with others who are equally committed to creating fairer and more equitable organizations to balance deep respect and care for their people with profitability for their business.”

She credits many people for helping her along her career path.

“A long line of strong, accomplished, inspirational professional women leaders, from faculty leaders in my undergraduate and graduate programs, to peers and executive leaders in my professional roles, have helped me,” she says.

“I have been blessed to be surrounded by women whose mentorship, guidance, support, encouragement, and willingness to challenge me at every turn inspire me to be authentically me, pursue my passions, and make a positive impact,” she states.

Christine Costello has lived and worked in Montgomery Country for many years and doesn’t see that changing any time soon.

“What keeps me here is the vibrant sense of purpose and commitment the businesses and communities have to one another. As residents, we support the local businesses that help our neighborhoods thrive, and as businesses, we support residents through a deep commitment to giving back to and serving our communities. It is this interweaving of our lives that I love most about this area,” she notes.

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