Physician, Flex Thyself! CrossFit Names Chalfont Practitioner Fittest Medical Doctor in the World

Dr. David Bozak
Image via Dr. David Bozak.
Dr. David Bozak.
Dr. David Bozak, D.O.
Image via Pennsylvania Pain and Spine Institute

Dr. David Bozak, D.O., a pain management rehabilitation physician from Chalfont, is 2021’s CrossFit Fittest Medical Doctor. Dr. Bozak earned his title — representing age group 45-49 — in the fitness regimen’s annual Preliminary Competitions.

Dr. Bozak is a physician with the Pennsylvania Pain and Spine Institute. As an avid CrossFit and physical activity participant, he enjoys defying the boundaries of age and physical fitness.

“People often think they aren’t good enough or strong enough to participate in physical activities like CrossFit,” Dr. Bozak said. “But it’s never too late to get involved and learn how to safely and effectively push your body to the limits.

“I’ve never said no to an adventure opportunity and am always finding ways to challenge myself — even now!” he concluded.

Dr. Bozak’s accomplishment tees up for him the opportunity to compete in the next levels: CrossFit Masters Open and Qualifiers. Each win further solidifies his position as his age group’s fittest physician in the world.

During his 40+ professional hours per week, Dr. Bozak assists patients heal their own pains. He offers steady encouragement of an active lifestyle, across all age groups, in whatever form patients feel suits them.

In terms of his own active lifestyle, Dr. Bozak augments his CrossFit workouts with biking and Brazilian jiu jitsu.

When he’s through with all that, CrossFit’s fittest medical doctor in the world spends time with his wife and two daughters.

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