Hatfield’s Clemens Food Group Launches Its First Blended Protein Products

hatfield meats and cheeseburger
Image via Hatfield Recipe Essentials Blended Products.

In July, Hatfield-based Clemens Food Group entered the plant-forward protein market with the launch of Hatfield Hatfield Recipe Essentials products that are 75 percent pork and 25 percent mushrooms, writes Andy Nelson for the Supermarket Perimeter.

The company offers two products in its new line: Unseasoned Ground Pork with Mushrooms and Mild Taco Seasoned Ground Pork with Mushrooms.

Clemens decided to enter this segment after noticing that while there were plenty of beef and chicken options available, pork was lagging behind.

“We are a protein company, our core competency is pork,” said Michele Williams, Clemens’ senior retail marketing manager. “But we feel that consumers are looking for more options and transparency. They’re looking to put more healthy, balanced options on their dinner tables.”

Now with sales of ground meat overall on the rise, choosing to go with the ground pork option for the company’s first blended product was an easy decision to make. And so far, reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

“The feedback we’re getting from consumers is mainly based on taste,” said Williams. “People are raving about the flavor that comes through, and that they can’t even tell that mushrooms are in there.”

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