Snoop Dogg ‘Kidnapped’ from Richboro ACME; Police Assure the Public That Someone Will Take the Rap For It

Snoop Dogg supermarket display Corona
Image via NBC 10.
The suspect in the theft of a Snoop Dogg ad figure is depicted leaving an ACME in Richboro.
Snoop Dogg became a spokesperson
for the Corona brand in 2020.
Image via Corona at YouTube.

A standup display — depicting a three-foot-tall, bobblehead version of Snoop Dogg — was taken from an ACME in Richboro, Northampton Township. The likeness of the singer, media star, actor, and businessman was transported out in a shopping cart, reports NBC10.

The scaled-down version of Snoop (he’s really 6’4”) was part of an advertising campaign from pale lager brewer-bottler Corona. It showed the music icon smiling, flashing a peace sign, and holding a bottle.

Reportedly, the value of the item is about $300; however, versions on eBay have netted bids as high as $1,300 from devoted fans of either the beer brand or its iconic spokesperson.

Descriptors on these auctions call the item “rare” and “not sold in stores.” Northampton Township police posted a surveillance shot of the perpetrator: The thief is a male in a blue t-shirt.

Oddly enough, there seems to be a rash of local crimes against this particular multimedia superstar.

Another bobblehead Snoop was taken from a Giant supermarket in Thorndale, West Goshen Township, Chester County. And one was escorted out of a Roxborough ACME.

Anyone having information about this crime is asked to email or call the township police department (215.322.6111).

More on the disappearances of Snoop Dogg is at NBC10.