Pennsylvania Tourism Office’s New Garden-Themed Road Trip Links Outdoor Fans with Their Best Buds

Andalusia Historic House, Gardens and Arboretum, Bensalem
Image via Andalusia Historic House, Gardens, and Arboretum.
Andalusia Historic House, Gardens, and Arboretum in Bensalem, one of several stops in a self-guided tour from the Pennsylvania Tourism Office.

Pennsylvania Tourism Office has recently unveiled its Best Buds: A Garden Trail road trip. The self-guided sojourn of three days and six stops takes travelers through gardens and arboretums in the Keystone State, including several local botanical attractions. Michele Herrmann sniffed through its details for Forbes.

“Pennsylvania’s gardens and arboretums are steeped in as much history as they are in beauty,” said Michael Chapaloney, executive director of tourism for PA Department of Community & Economic Development.

“Our locations include the oldest botanical gardens in North America, arboretums built by America’s first U.S. Forester, and others tied to titans of industry and cultural importance,” he stated.

Main Fountain Garden at Longwood Gardens
Main Fountain Garden at Longwood Gardens has been revitalized and brought back to its former glory by Conshohocken’s Lepore Masonry & Stone.(Image via Longwood Gardens)

The trail has 21 stops divided into four major areas in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia and its suburbs.

Featured attractions include:

As it is a self-guided itinerary, the Best Buds: A Garden Trail encourages visitors to maximize their enjoyment and stroll through each garden stop at their own pace.

Read more about the Best Buds: A Garden Trail in Forbes.

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