New York Times: Wayne’s Jonathan Alderson Landscape Architects Display Do-It-Yourself Rain Gardens

rain garden at Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens
Image via Jonathan Alderson Landscape Architects.
Rain garden at Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens.
Rain Garden Radnor Medical Building
Penn Medicine Radnor, a new medical facility features rain gardens,
meandering pathways, and a 3 acre warms season meadow.
Image via Jonathan Alderson Landscape Architects.

Being stuck at home has provided homeowners with the time to notice things they may otherwise have missed, writes Margaret Roach for The New York Times.

These discoveries could include noticing a spot where rainwater runs off the roof too fast and is ending up in the basement or water rushing down the driveway that eventually pools on the lawn.

These and similar issues can be solved using a scaled-down version of the storm-water management tactics that are often used in municipal planning to slow water flow and increase drainage.

The solution – do-it-yourself rain gardens – also include planting native species that support pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Jonathan Alderson Landscape Architects in Wayne is a master in designing rain gardens that not only provide effective storm-water management but also offer seasons of color and interest.

For example, stormwater can be slowed down and directed to soak into the ground with the addition of basin-shaped rain gardens.

The plants used to populate the gardens can include both native perennials and shrubs. With their support of pollinators, these gardens also promote the overall diversity of the area.

Read more about Jonathan Alderson Landscape Architects in The New York Times.

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