Local Man Takes Mobile Greenhouse on Road, Teaches Area Children about Healthy Eating

Howard Brosius demonstrates the importance of fresh produce and healthy eating with a carrot inside his mobile greenhouse. Image via Rachel Ravina, Media News Group.

Howard Brosius, executive director of Glenside-based Chipping Hill Micro Farms nonprofit, is teaching area children about healthy eating using his mobile greenhouse, writes Rachel Ravina for The Times Herald.

Brosius launched the nonprofit 10 years ago. At that time, he would go to daycare centers and schools across the Philadelphia area. He would also bring heated raised beds for the planted herbs and vegetables with him. However, it proved difficult for the instructors to water and maintain the mini gardens.

“I came up with this idea: why don’t I just take it with me?” he said.

So the mobile greenhouse he has created based on that idea has heaters and a thermostat to ensure it never gets colder than 40 degrees. The space also has picnic tables built for children to learn about vegetables and taste them.

He now plans to improve the greenhouse by installing air conditioning and adding a shelf that can hold a microwave and burner for cooking.

Brosius believes the “mobile greenhouse is a game changer,” as it allows him to inspire more children in the region with lessons on healthy eating habits.

Read more about Chipping Hill Micro Farms at The Times Herald by clicking here.

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