Despite Outraising GOP Primary Frontrunners for Senate Seat, Montco’s Kathy Barnette Still Has Uphill Battle Ahead of Her

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While she turned heads last month after announcing she had outraised the GOP primary frontrunners, Montgomery County’s Kathy Barnette is still facing an uphill battle in her run for Pennsylvania GOP Senator Pat Toomey’s open seat, writes Gabe Kaminsky for the Real Clear Politics.

Last year, Barnette lost to incumbent Democrat Madeleine Dean by nearly 20 percent in the run for the Montgomery County-based 4th Congressional District.

If she wants to win the primary and a competitive general election next year, she would have to score wins in deeply red counties from conservative voters who did not necessarily turn out for Trump in last year’s election.

Her campaign would also need to make inroads with the significant number of ticket-splitting suburban voters who rejected both the Republican Party’s embrace of Trump and the Democratic Party’s stands on issues like political correctness and public safety.

She also has to deal with her November decision to challenge the election results by knocking on hundreds of doors in Montgomery County, looking for evidence her defeat was tainted.

This will not bode well for Philadelphia’s sizable suburbs that fueled Biden’s statewide win.

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Kathy Barnette was previously a candidate for Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district in the 2020 United States House of Representatives elections, and this is a video on her running for US Senate.