Athena Athletics Creates Opportunities for Montco Girls to Play Flag Football at More High Schools


When her daughters wanted to play flag football like their brother, Katie Quinn realized there were not any leagues in Montgomery County for them to join, writes Katie Katro for 6abc.

female flag football Athena Athletics

However, instead of giving up, they decided to start their own. Soon, Athena Athletics was up and running.

“We started this league to empower young ladies,” said Quinn.

So far, around 150 girls between the ages of 4 and 18 have joined Athena Athletics. In fact during last Sunday’s championship game in Collegeville, parents were happily cheering on their girls from the sidelines.

“It is really awesome considering she’s a ballerina during the week and a football player on the weekends,” said Shannon Cline of her daughter.

One of the league’s goals is to provide more opportunities for girls to play flag football at more high schools.

“We have it in nine Philadelphia Archdiocesan High Schools right now that have committed to say yes they are interested in this,” said Quinn.

Quinn’s daughter Caitlin is using this opportunity to the fullest.

“I got a college scholarship to Milligan University in Tennessee for flag football, so I’m planning on going there probably,” she said.

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