Expansion Complete! SEI Investments Finalizes Its 11th Building on Oaks Campus

SEI Investments in Oaks, PA
Image via Facebook.

SEI Investments employees will finally get an opportunity to see fintech’s newest building on the Oaks campus once they return to the office later this year, writes Jeff Blumenthal for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The recently completed 104,000-square-foot building was originally planned as the first of five new structures that would double available office space for SEI.

However, the company’s need for space has changed significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic and will most likely need to be adjusted once again as some employees will continue to work from home even after all the restrictions have eased.

As a result, the company has put a pause on the construction plans as it figures out the details of future work arrangements.

“The business will dictate what we do,” said Dennis McGonigle, Chief Financial Officer of SEI. “We’ll know more in 12 months.”

Now the company is considering a plan to offer its employees three different work arrangements: in-office, hybrid, and remote.

The new building was designed to accommodate as many as 600 people, but this will most likely be reduced to 400 in the post-pandemic world.

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